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"Liam Allen is one of the most talented writers I’ve worked with. He brings exceptional clarity and readability to any subject or issue."

Natasha King
 Staff Editor, Foreign/National Copy Desk

It’s raining exclusive, pre-qualified mortgage leads!

Using our exclusive, EQ Jam Mortgage Revenue system, we can potentially generate up to 200 exclusive, pre-qualified enquiries a month for each of our brokers. 

“Enquiry” means prospects who complete a survey - including questions about i) whether they want to buy, remortgage or buy/remortgage an investment property, ii) how much they want to borrow, iii) when they would like to draw down the mortgage and iv) describing their credit (“poor credit” respondents are excluded).

The prospect then inputs their name, email address and phone number and asks to be contacted by you.

In this example, we generated multiple mortgage enquiries for £2.72 each. With a daily ad spend budget of £20, that is the equivalent of just over 7 enquiries a day… or more than 200 enquiries in a month.

The emails mortgage brokers love to receive

Our clients love to receive emails like this again and again. ;-)

Pre-qualified mortgage enquiries

How I helped a veneers dentist to make extra revenue of $43,373 in 28 days

Dental implants: Revenue of $23,100 in 21 days from ad spend of less than $11 a day

A dentist client in London achieved revenue of $23,100 (£17,399) in the first 21 days of a Facebook campaign… from ad spend of $230 (£172.96). That’s $10.94 (£8.24) a day.

The cost per lead (for 33 local, exclusive prospects who “put their hand up” to say they wanted to come for an implants consultation and gave us their name, email address) was $6.96 (£5.23) per lead.

162 high-quality orthodontic leads in Miami from Google searches

My team helped a dentist in Miami, Florida, to generate 162 orthodontics leads in six months from Google AdWords paid advertising. The total ad spend for the six months was about $8,910 (about $1,485 a month).

Potty-mouthed dental assisting school client!

How we helped a local business owner to make revenue of €14,391 in 2 months… from a daily Facebook Ads spend of just over €10 a day

Pre-qualified mortgage enquiries

It’s raining high-end treatment leads!

Here’s an example of the volume of high-quality, exclusive, local leads that we can generate for dentists. "Leads" means prospects who input their name, email address and phone number and say they would like to come for a consultation for a specific high-end treatment.

In 30 days, these leads were generated for one business owner who operates in three different locations across London, UK. All the leads came in around the $5 (£4) mark.

50 nervous patient leads for £2.50 each

50 high-quality leads – as always with name, email address and mobile phone number – who have all “put their hand up” to say they are interested in my Milton Keynes dentist's offer.

Invisalign: Revenue of $26,237 in 31 days

Revenue of $26,237 (£19,900) in 31 days...

... from ad spend of $1,683 (£1,291.18).

7 new members - worth revenue of €7,250 - in the first 5 days of this month

A local business client closed 7 new members worth total revenue of €7,250 in the first 5 days of this month.

(5 new members on a 6-month programme at €1,340 each and 2 new members on a 1-month trial at €225 each.)

Daily ad spend for his FB ad campaigns is €10 a day.

Veneers dentist in Michigan: 76 leads and 21 consultations booked in 20 days

My dentist client in Oakland County, Michigan, pulled in 76 veneers leads - at a cost of $4.82 each – in 20 days. The ad spend for those 20 days was $366.57 budget was about $18 a day.

Dr Anisha Patel

Owner, White & Co Dental, Westcombe Park Dental, Manor Park Dental Practice, One Dental Care


Liam and EQ Jam have helped us over a number of years to sell more treatments and we trust him implicitly. He has run, and continues to run, multiple paid ad campaigns across a number of our practices. We’ve had nothing short of an excellent experience working with him. He’s become an integral part of our team. I also agree that he must be the best dental copywriter in the UK and even the world!

Kelly Haggett



Liam Allen is the best dental copywriter in the world. No doubt! He has helped me to quadruple my business (at least!) since I started working with him. His brilliant marketing copy has been a massive help in getting students to sign up to courses. He’s quick and talented. Worth every penny. His company EQ Jam take care of all my marketing - from managing my PPC advertising to SMS and email automations. In short, they have set up an automated, super-effective funnel, which gives me an endless supply of high-quality leads. If you have a local business, if you want many more customers and and if you get the chance to work with Liam Allen and EQ Jam... you HAVE to take it. I'm a raving fan!

Chris Barrow



I’ve been writing journals, business newsletters, blogs and articles most of my adult life. I know how to write that stuff. But I also know what I’m not good at. That’s when I contact Liam Allen - he is the “go to guy” for sales copy that works. When we have a product or service to launch and we want to get impact and results, we ask Liam. He knows how to write that stuff.

David Linton

US marketing expert and co-author - with copywriting legend DAN KENNEDY - of Marketing Miracles


Liam is one of the very best copywriters out there. You’re going to get exceptional, super-effective sales writing every time. He lives and breathes sales and marketing. Once you’ve used him once, you’ll be using him again and again.

Mitesh Desai



Liam is the number one dental copywriter in the world. He has been a driving force in helping us to tell our story to our patients and prospective patients. He understands marketing, he understands how to sell treatments, he understands how to communicate with patients and he’s an exceptional copywriter. The bottom line is that he’s helped us to sell more treatments. I would strongly recommend him to any business that wants to get their message out there and to make more sales.

Tim Caudrelier



Liam is a joy to work with. He’s a brilliant dental copywriter with an impressive pedigree who really understands what sells. His ability to find fresh ways to tell familiar stories is inspiring. He has a lot to offer as a collaborator and he’s a master at turning around great copy with a tight deadline.

Alison Green



He was the consummate professional; friendly, helpful and enthusiastic about his work, which was of high quality content and produced to perfect deadline. Overall I’m extremely happy with the whole process and outcome, and wouldn’t hesitate to use him again

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All your advertising copy and follow-up marketing materials will be written by our founder and CEO - former BBC lead writer and editor... now master copywriter, Facebook Ads guy, Google AdWords guy and marketing strategist Liam Allen (described by a New York Times editor as “one of the most talented writers I’ve worked with”).

Please see our Success page to find out more about the results we've achieved for businesses like yours and to see what clients say about working with Liam.

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